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Food Waste is a Global Tragedy
We are 7 billion people on this planet, of which 925 million are starving. Yet we annually waste 1,3 billion tons of food - or enough to feed 3 billion people. Within the last 5 years, the Danish Stop Wasting Food movement (Stop Spild Af Mad) has grown from a small Facebook group to the biggest Danish NGO against food waste collaborating with EU and UN.



Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad)
Stop Wasting Food is Denmark's largest non-profit consumer movement against food waste. Set up by consumers for consumers, Stop Wasting Food is an NGO that has constructively shaped public opinion in its drive to prevent food waste. It seeks to increase public awareness of the throwaway society by organizing campaigns, mobilizing the press and media, and encouraging discussion, debate and events of all kinds, all with the aim of decreasing the current mountains of food waste. Stop Wasting Food is empowering the consumers to take action and urges them to launch individual initiatives such as reducing their own food waste, cooking leftovers, shopping more wisely and distributing surplus food to shelters for the homeless people and other charities.



Strong support by leading politicians and food personalities
Several thousands of Danish consumers, politicians, MP's and MEP's as well as leading Danish food personalities support Stop Wasting Food movement - as well as Denmark's former Prime Minister Mr. Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.



UN, EU and the Government
Stop Wasting Food is mentioned in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)'s international report on food waste "Global Food Losses and Food Waste", is a co-developer of the Joint Declaration Against Food Waste, which inspired the EU resolution against food waste and is among the signatories to the Danish Minister for the Environment's Charter Against Food Waste. Stop Wasting Food is appointed a seat in the Initiative Group Against Food Waste under the Danish Minister for the Environment.



Food waste on the agenda
Stop Wasting Food continues to put food waste on the agenda. The organisation has established itself as Denmark's leading expert on food waste and created extensive media impact in Danish and international media,
appearing in numerous articles, radio and TV shows: 1.000+ articles in Danish and international newspapers and magazines, as well as more than 100+ radio and 93 TV appearances. Among them BBC News, SVT TV Sweden, NRK TV Norway, Yle TV Finland, RÚV TV Iceland, France 3 TV and German TV channel ARTE. In the short time the movement has existed, the discourse regarding food waste in Denmark has changed from a rather uninformed indifference to one of heightened awareness. Among the many results, Stop Wasting Food inspired the retail chain Rema 1000 to drop quantity discounts in the chain's more than 200 Danish stores and introduced doggybags in Danish restaurants in collaboration with Unilever Food Solutions.



The book
The movement published an international award-winning Leftovers Cookbook 'Stop spild af mad - en kogebog med mere' by Selina Juul with recipes from top celebrity chefs. The Leftovers Cookbook 'Stop spild af mad - en kogebog med mere' is a national Danish winner of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2011 in the category of Best Sustainable Food Book and recipient of shared second place in Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2012 in the category of Best Sustainable Food Book in the World.



Every 2nd Dane has reduced food waste
All the hard work is paying off: TNS Gallup survey for Stop Wasting food movement and Danish Agriculture & Food Council, 2013, shows that within the last year, every 2nd Dane has reduced his/hers food waste.



Declarations against food waste
Stop Wasting Food is one of the co-developers of the Joint Declaration Against Food Waste - an international document which is handed over to the European Parliament and the United Nations. The document lists proposals for sustainable food production and consumption, and encourages the world leaders to a commitment to a global reduction of food waste by at least 50% by 2025. It also proposes that a global reduction of food waste should be elevated to a UN Millennium Development Goal. Stop Wasting Food is extremely pleased to see, that the European Parliament has implemented numerous suggestions from the Joint Declaration Against Food Waste in the EU resolution against food waste.


Stop Wasting Food is a co-signer of the following declarations against food waste:



International partnerships and collaborations
Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark is also a Partner of FAO initiative SAVE FOOD, Partner of EU project FUSIONS and Partner of FAO/UNEP campaign Think.Eat.Save, where the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon took part in a Danish press effort due to the launch of Think.Eat.Save Nordic-Baltic Ad Competition.



International appearances and TEDx
Selina Juul, Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark, is a TEDx Speaker and Winner of Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize, Svend Auken Prize,
Junior Chamber International Denmark's The Outstanding Young Person Award and Recipient of Cross of Merit Pro Utilitate Hominum of Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller for her fight againt food waste.


She frequently speaks about food waste at large Danish and international conferences and assemblies. Since 2010, Selina Juul wrote 130+ opinion-editorials and articles on food waste in Danish and international newspapers and magazines - among them three opinion-editorials co-written with three Ministers. Selina Juul is also a columnist in the largest Danish national newspaper Politiken.


English translations
Learn more about the movement Stop Wasting Food movement here and at Selina Juul's website here.


Contact information
Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad)
c/o Integra
Gammel Mønt 12, 3. t.v.
DK-1117 København K
press phone: +45 40 72 06 01


Watch a selection of Stop Wasting Food's videos, as well as the speech in the European Parliament in Brussels, FAO congress, TEDxCopenhagen, interviews, etc.